October 13, 2016

Family Law

I help people solve family law problems in the Greater Austin Area.

I am an experienced litigator and a Senior Associate Attorney at CHA Law Group in Austin.

There, I help couples and individuals with family law issues, including divorce and its aftermath, prenups and postnups, CPS cases, reproductive and parentage issues, and many of the other things that come up in families of all types.

Contact me if you need help with a family law issue in the Greater Austin Area.

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Scott A. Thompson divorce lawyer and criminal defense attorney in Austin, Texas

Family Law Articles & Cases

I was recently recognized as a "Mover and Shaker" in the Texas Bar Journal.

I recently contributed to an article by Austin family law attorney Christine Henry Andresen, entitled Be Ware Sperm: P.S. Case out of Fort Worth.  The article discusses when a sperm donor may be considered a parent under Texas law, as well as ways that a prospective parent or couple can eliminate or mitigate that risk.

Read here about my work on the landmark case of Debra H. v. Janice R. in which New York's highest court recognized that a nonbiological parent was the legal parent of a child born to a same-sex couple who had entered into a Vermont civil union.