September 4, 2017


Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about divorce in Texas below, and contact me if I can be of assistance.

Can I file for divorce in Texas?

What if my spouse filed for divorce?

How long will my divorce take?

Do I need a lawyer?

How do I find a divorce lawyer?

How do I find other divorce professionals?

Is my divorce contested or unconstested?

Frequently asked questions about children and divorce:

How does child custody work?

How is child support determined?

How much child support will likely be paid?

Frequently asked questions about property during a divorce:

How will our property and debts be divided?

Can a retirement account be divided in a divorce?

What if we own real estate?

What is the difference between spousal maintenance, support and alimony?

Other frequently asked questions about divorce in Texas:

What if my spouse is abusive?

Can I get divorced in Texas if I wasn't married here?

Can I get divorced in Texas if I'm not a U.S. citizen?

What if I have a common-law marriage?

What if I have a same-sex marriage?

Empower yourself with these free divorce resources:

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Travis County Law Library

Whether or not you hire me, consult a lawyer before deciding to represent yourself in a Texas divorce. If you go-it alone, however, here are free resources to aid you:

Agreed divorce with children

Agreed divorce without children

Default divorce with children

Default divorce without children

Contested divorces

If your divorce case has already started, find information about it here:

Travis County divorces

Williamson County divorces

Hays County divorces

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