December 9, 2016

Criminal Defense

Innocent people get arrested. Police blow small things out of proportion. People make mistakes, get caught, and need help minimizing the damage. Whatever your situation, I get it.

Contact me at CHA Law Group if you need the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney. My ultimate goal is always to get your case dismissed.

I will negotiate with prosecutors in your case for dismissal, a plea bargain that leads to dismissal, or significantly reduced charges. I'll get to know your side of the story. If prosecutors don't accept our version of events, then I'll use legal processes to protect your rights and defend your case, including a jury trial, if necessary.

If you have a criminal law problem, then call me to schedule a free consultation.

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Areas of Criminal Practice

Alcohol & Drug Crimes
DWI & Public Intoxication
Drug Possession, Sale & Manufacture
Marijuana & Drug Paraphernalia

Property Crimes
Theft of Property / Services
Bad Checks & Stolen Goods
Criminal Trespass
Robbery & Burglary
Fraud & Financial Crimes

Crimes Against a Person
Assault & Threatening
Domestic Violence

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